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Research & Policy

We are committed to using our evidence and experience to change law, policy and the way people work

The Helen Bamber Foundation exists to support all Survivors. We know that only a small percentage of Survivors are getting the help they need. Many people are stuck in limbo, in hugely dangerous situations. Our research creates evidence, which we use alongside learning from our services, to change law, policy and practice.

Everyone in the sector can use our evidence to help drive change and to support Survivors of trafficking and torture. The Helen Bamber Foundation’s expertise and evidence can be used by authorities and service providers to develop new policy and guidelines that directly help Survivors. 

  • Our clients' lived experience is at the very centre of our research and policy advocacy, ensuring that their voice is heard and listened to so we can provide practical change.
  • Evidence based intervention works and we are constantly learning how to do better.
  • Focussing on the gaps in services is of paramount importance to us.