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We know that companies are made of great people. We welcome the chance to work with companies to make a difference. 

At the Helen Bamber Foundation we welcome the chance to work with individuals and their organisations. We know that as organisations, you often don’t want to give money alone. Each company, and employee, has a particular skill set to offer. We develop bespoke opportunities for companies to engage with our work.

So far company partnerships have achieved extraordinary things for our clients: 

The growth of our Integration Programme has been hugely supported by various corporate sponsors, including developing new interventions such as our education clinics and career days. 

We have worked with Deutsche Bank, AXA XL, Bloomberg and many more.

Blue Bay Asset Management has not only contributed over £100,000 they have also provided 52 volunteers to come and work at the Helen Bamber Foundation. These volunteers have helped clients by supporting them to apply for college courses at our Education Clinics; by revolutionising our archiving and database systems; and by helping us to better monitor and analyse our impact.

Reward Gateway generously supported our Integration Programme with £40,000. This cash directly supported Survivors to move beyond survival and achieve long-term sustained recovery. 

TOMS supported thirty-three female Survivors with a generous donation of $100,000. This money actively cared for these women to have a full range of services and support after their experience of trafficking and torture. 

With our corporate support we have put on fantastic engagement events such as ‘The Conversation’ with Dame Emma Thompson. 

Why should your company partner with us?

It’s simple really, if we work together, we can support more Survivors gain safe and healthy independence. We can have fun, think creatively and make vast improvements for Survivors, simultaneously. At the Helen Bamber Foundation, we have a very successful history of working together with companies and making the most of the diversity companies bring to make the biggest difference for Survivors. 

We learn constantly from our corporate friendships and greatly appreciate the strategic support companies are able to offer us. 

We will show you how your support makes a vast difference to Survivors and is progressively helping them gain independence. 

How you can help us 

  • You can nominate us for Charity of the Year
  • You can actively become part of our foundation by making a corporate donation 
  • You can volunteer 
  • You can offer a gift-in-kind or pro bono support