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Evidence to the Joint Committee on Human Rights on the rights of people seeking asylum

Kamena Dorling

In November 2022, the Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) inquiry launched an inquiry looking at the government’s policies and procedures relating to asylum seekers and the impact these have on their human rights. This included the UK’s approach the availability of “safe and legal” routes for asylum seekers, the treatment of those arriving outside of these routes, and attempts to relocate asylum seekers outside the UK. It will also examine the treatment of asylum seekers once in the UK, including treatment in short-term holding facilities, conditions in detention, accommodation, restrictions on movement, and the right to work. The inquiry also assesses whether the UK’s current legal framework is adequate to meet its human rights obligations to those who are victims of modern slavery or human trafficking.

We submitted evidence to the inquiry as the Helen Bamber Foundation, and on behalf of the Taskforce on Victims of Trafficking in Immigration Detention and the Refugee and Migrant Children's Consortium. Our partner organisation, Asylum Aid, also submitted evidence.

We look forward to reading the JCHR's final report.