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Thank you to the Players of the People’s Postcode Lottery – Giving Survivors Strength During Covid-19

Sophie Parker

We are hugely grateful for the generous funding we have received from the Players of the People’s Postcode Lottery, which has enabled us to continue supporting the most vulnerable survivors during this incredible challenging time.

Here is a testimony from just one of the asylum seekers we support who has been made particularly vulnerable due to the current pandemic. Thanks to the players of the People’s Postcode Lottery, we have been able to ensure that he did not fall into complete destitution, which would have had serious negative effects on his mental health due to his history of torture.

“I am a torture victim from Sri Lanka and an asylum seeker in the UK. I have been a client of HBF since 2018 and I usually receive clinical support for my mental health. There are no words to describe what HBF’s support means to me. My family and I are surviving due to the support they have provided during this crucial time of our lives. The foundation understand what we are going through. I feel so much safer in their hands.

Every member of the HBF team gives their fullest support to each and every individual client at the foundation. I witness this every time I go there. I am personally amazed of the support they provide to torture victims like me. The team understands the individual needs of every client and makes sure they are safe in every way. 

During this crisis situation, I was made destitute due to the COVID 19 outbreak, like many others. I was anxious, depressed and sleepless for couple of weeks. The Helen Bamber Foundation came forward to support me financially. My worries of destitution melted away.

My therapeutic treatment is continuing every week as usual, but currently over the phone.  This support helps me combat my anxiety and depression.  My family managed to stay calm and relaxed, even throughout the peak of the outbreak. We know we are safe and looked after well.

I can’t thank HBF enough for all that they are doing for me and my family. God bless each and every one of them.”