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Calling for a fair new plan for refugees

Kamena Dorling

The treatment of people seeking asylum in the UK, including survivors of torture and trafficking, has become ever-more chaotic, costly and cruel. At the Helen Bamber Foundation we have long called for systems that do not cause harm and instead provide survivors with the protection, safety and security they need to recover from trauma and rebuild their lives.  

As we head towards a General Election, we are proud to have added our name to the Fair Begins Here promise from the coalition campaign Together With Refugees. We are calling for a fair new plan for refugees that:  

  • Ensures protectionfor people fleeing war and persecution by upholding the UKs commitment under international law to the right to claim asylum and by scrapping the Rwanda scheme. 
  • Provides a proper strategy for welcoming refugees, who do so much to enrich our society,by ensuring fair, rapid decisions on their application for asylum, and the chance to rebuild their lives through settling in a community.  
  • Forges stronger global cooperationto tackle the root causes that force people to flee their homes and provides positive solutions when they do, including through safe routes to refugee protection. 

A new government could bring an opportunity for real change. By supporting the Fair Begins Here promise we commit to standing together and reject attempts to divide us, and pushing for asylum and immigration systems that are fair, protect people’s human rights and uphold the UK’s international legal obligations.

For this change to come about, we need as many organisations of all types and sizes to come together and be part of this important movement. Sign the Fair Begins Here promise at  Together With Refugees.

We back a fair new plan