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Research With Us

The Helen Bamber Foundation has a Research Committee that meets regularly in order to oversee the research activities taking place at the Foundation. We are a small organisation and can therefore only facilitate a small number of projects at any given time.

If you are an external researcher and would like to complete research at or with the Helen Bamber Foundation, please read the following information:

If your project involves only the optional participation of staff members (e.g. questionnaires or interviews), then please send a summary of your research project, who you are hoping to recruit and the timescale for participation to Please also attach to this email your participant information sheet and evidence of your ethical approval from a relevant ethics committee. This will then be circulated to relevant staff members who can choose to participate if they wish.

If your project involves conducting research at the Helen Bamber Foundation (solely or partly), but in a way that requires close involvement or supervision from the Helen Bamber Foundation, or the participation of clients attending the Foundation, then you must complete the Research Proposal Form. Please complete the form with as much detail as possible and send it to

For any queries, please contact our reception.

Research proposals will be reviewed at the research committee meetings that take place every 6 weeks. Upcoming research committee meeting dates in 2023 are:

20th April 2023 and 1st June 2023.

We will contact you with a decision about your proposal as soon as possible after the meeting.