Trauma Centre

In 2024 the Helen Bamber Foundation will open a new Trauma Centre, to act as a lifeline for Survivors of trafficking and torture and operate as a global beacon of best practice and system reform.

Demand for our services has never been higher due to the rapidly deteriorating treatment of Survivors. We are also better placed than ever to respond to this need due to our considerable expertise and increased capacity in our organisation.

A best-in-class Trauma Centre will model the best practice that our experts have distilled in the sector-leading Trauma-Informed Code of Conduct.

Increased Impact

The Trauma Centre will transform the Helen Bamber Foundation Group’s reach and impact resulting in:

  • a 50% expansion of our work; providing a welcoming, calming, friendly and safe space;
  • a modern, therapeutic and trauma-informed clinical space, providing a learning hub and creating a model for other organisations;
  • a centre of excellence and learning for partner organisations across the UK and globally, supporting collaboration and synergy to raise the standards of care for all Survivors.

Investment Needed

£800,000 is the remaining shortfall to transform the building in central London into a global beacon of best practice.

Figures don’t provide the full picture of the transformation that will happen in this new Trauma Centre.  Below are some examples of what a donation can mean.

  • £25,000 will create a soundproofed, fully equipped Consultation Room providing thousands of Survivors with the space they need to recover for years to come. 
  • £36,000 will build and equip a Doctor’s Room at the new Trauma Centre. 
  • It will cost £125,000 to develop a floor of the new centre, naming rights are available.

By supporting the new Trauma Centre the Helen Bamber Foundation, you are actively contributing to Survivors’ recovery. 

To connect with a member of our team and discuss naming and sponsorship opportunities please fill out this form and we will be in touch shortly. If you'd like to make a contribution online, please go here. Thank you.