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The Slavery and Trafficking Survivor Care Standards

Rachel Witkin
Kate Roberts & Emma Terry
Human Trafficking Foundation

The Slavery and Trafficking Survivor Care Standards were launched in the House of Lords by Kevin Hyland OBE, the UK’s first independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner.

The Helen Bamber Foundation’s Head of Counter-Trafficking and Publications, Rachel Witkin, alongside our clinical team authored 1.2 The Trauma-Informed Code of Conduct for All Professionals Working with Survivors of Trafficking and Slavery.

The Standards aim to provide a blueprint for UK-wide service providers across all professions on how to provide high quality care to survivors of trafficking and modern slavery.

The Foundation’s ultimate goal for the Standards is to promote an integrated, holistic and empowering approach that places the needs of survivors at the centre of the process of sustained recovery, far beyond the current 45 day support offered during the ‘reflection period’.