Medical Advisory Service

Survivors can suffer multiple physical injuries and illnesses (usually as a direct result of their experiences) but have often had ineffective and sporadic contact with healthcare providers. Our Medical Advisory Service ensures that appropriate care is always available. We help our clients to stabilise and improve their health by providing medical assessments, giving health advice and liaising with external services, particularly NHS services, to support their needs.

Survivors often live with chronic pain and impaired physical functioning. The Medical Advisory Service works in conjunction with the rest of our services to enable clients to understand the physical state of their bodies and how this interlinks with their emotional state, to manage pain, and to increase their well-being through physical and other activities.


Freida’s Story

Frieda is a survivor of modern slavery from East Africa. As a young girl, Frieda’s father sold her to a man to pay off his debts. The man treated Frieda as a slave, repeatedly raping and systematically starving her. When Frieda first came to the Helen Bamber Foundation, she was suffering from severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and was painfully underweight. Through intensive therapy, we helped Frieda to reduce her panic attacks and worked with her to build her self-esteem and confidence. In the Medical Advisory Clinic, Dr Hunt helped Frieda understand what she needed to eat to provide her ailing body with the nutrition she was deprived of for so many years. In the past six months, we have been delighted to see Frieda achieve a healthy weight and have enough energy to become a regular participant in our weekly yoga classes.

*all names are pseudonyms

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