How are we taking action to help all survivors?

The Covid-19 Public Health crisis will be particularly difficult for the most vulnerable amongst us, including:

  • Those who live in cramped, crowded and unsanitary accommodation, with higher risks of spreading infection
  • Those who have little money to live on, and risk going without due to shortages and empty shelves
  • Those who rely on foodbanks, many of which are now closing
  • Those who struggle to access healthcare, through fear of charges which they can’t afford and language barriers making it difficult for them to advocate for themselves
  • Those whose livelihoods are precarious and insecure, who live a few short steps away from destitution
  • Those who are at high risk of falling prey to traffickers, and people who will exploit them during desperate times

The Helen Bamber Foundation team are energetically pulling together, and making sure that our learnings from our work with clients and our expertise are used to inform to decision makers in order to ensure that all survivors of trafficking and torture have the protection, safeguarding and support they need during this crisis.

We are working collaboratively and effectively with partners across the sector – leading where helpful and supporting with evidence at other times.

We are focusing our efforts on 3 key areas of concern for our clients:

Protection and Safeguarding of Survivors of Trafficking

The Helen Bamber Foundation has submitted a short report to the UK Home Office recommending that urgent action is taken ...
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Legal Protection and Access to Justice for all Survivors

Experts acknowledge that the Coronavirus crisis is very likely to continue in waves for at least the next year due ...
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Access to Adequate Housing and Appropriate Support

The precarious living situations of adults and children who are without secure immigration status include transient, poor quality housing and ...
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