Thank you

Our warm thanks go to our current supporters:

A.B Charitable Trust
Boston Foundation
Comic Relief
Eva Reckitt Trust Fund
Garden Court Chambers
Give Way to Freedom Foundation
The Persula Foundation
The Sigrid Rausing Trust
Trust for London
Marsh Christian Trust
Daedalus Foundation
Rayne Foundation
Geneva Foundation
Russian Refugees Aid Society

We are also very grateful to our smaller size grants and individual donations, which enable our work to continue.

Our Clinical Volunteers

Dr John Joyce, Dr Michael Broughton, Dr Alec Frank, Dr Judith Bell, Dr Naomi Hartree and Dr Jane Hunt, Medical Doctors
Dr Katrina Herskine, Consultant Gynaecologist
Dr Abby Seltzer and Prof Christine Dean, Psychiatrists
Dr Courtney Schaad and Dr Hannah Murray, Clinical Psychologists
Dr Gillian Balance, Dr Maire Steadman, Dr Yves Guillemot, Kathy Donaldson, Yves Guillemot and Angela Hobart, Psychotherapists
Dr Yvonne Stein, Family Therapist
Deirdre Parrinder, Acupuncturist
Emma Stacey, Cranio-Sacral Therapist
Lucy Bracken, Osteopath
Alexandra Baybutt and Franni Donohoe, Dance and Movement

Our Non-clinical Volunteers

Vaughn Dourado, Lil Foote, Orya Halisdemir, Sue Johnson, Jill Mohamed, Elise Rosen, Jess Smallman, Aditi Trehan, Amy Wragg, Kloarba Xhetani, Maureen Younger.

Our Pro Bono Consultants

Mike Dempsey, Tom Lynham, Laura Carling, Chris Joyce, Malcolm Garrett, Neill Tancock, Gareth Peirce, Slaughter & May, Reed Smith LLP.

Creative Art Group Leaders

Caroline Moorehead, Oversight of the Creative Arts Programme
Carol Cheal, Knitting Group
Mary Chamberlain, Art Group
Catrine Clay, John Goodyear and Ray Forsythe, Film Group
Frances Plowden, Computer Class
Jane Thomas and Jane Pickering English Class
Jess Smallman and Catherine Alexander, Arts & Crafts
Alicia Clarke, Photography Group
Annie Blaber, Music Group
Matt McDonnell, Football
Belinda Hollyer, Library