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The Helen Bamber Foundation provides expert care and support for refugees and asylum seekers who have experienced torture and human cruelty. Our clients have been subjected to atrocities including state-sponsored torture, religious/political persecution, human trafficking, forced labour, sexual exploitation, and gender- and honour-based violence.

HBF’s Multidisciplinary Team includes General Practitioners/GPs, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychologists, and a wide range of other clinicians and experts.

Referrals must be submitted via the link above, or they will not be considered.

Before referring your client, please see the below guidelines.

Referrals Guidelines

Unfortunately, at present, we are unable to accept referrals for people who have refugee or humanitarian status, indefinite leave to remain or UK citizenship due to our limited capacity as we prioritise those who currently do not have status and therefore have legal protection needs.

[Please note: we do however accept referrals for victims of trafficking with discretionary leave where this has been granted following a positive Conclusive Grounds decision from the Competent Authority, due to the limited nature of this leave].

For alternative services, we recommend:

Therapy: If you wish to refer someone with refugee or humanitarian status, indefinite leave to remain or UK citizenship for therapy specifically, we strongly recommend a referral be made to their local GP to discuss the options available with regards to local trauma-focused and other therapy services. You could also make a referral to the Refugee Council who offer a number of therapeutic services.

Young Person: If the person you were hoping to refer is under the age of 24 and suffered trauma, torture or other ill-treatment as a child/young adult, we recommend a referral to the Children’s Society.

Benefits/housing/welfare: For support accessing benefits, housing or welfare support and education, please contact Refugee Action, your local citizens’ advice bureau or local law centre.

If you have questions or would like further recommendations regarding other referral options for people who have refugee or humanitarian status, indefinite leave to remain or UK citizenship, please contact our Referrals Coordinator, Maria Wardale, at Please do not submit a referral as we will not be able to accept the person for HBF services.

We are a small organisation and aim to help as many people as we can, taking into account the complex needs of our clients and constraints on our capacity. We therefore limit the number of cases we are able to take on each week.

The form can only be submitted once all relevant fields are completed.

Requesting us to “read attached documentation” will hinder our consideration. Where insufficient information is provided, we may request the referrer to complete the form again.

We encourage you to provide as much information as possible using the form itself.

You will be prompted to upload documents that we require, e.g. medical records and legal documentation.

If these documents are not attached, our consideration will be delayed until they are received.

Once your referral has been submitted, with all relevant supporting documents, it will be considered at a weekly Multidisciplinary Team meeting.

For further information, please contact the Referrals Coordinator, Maria Wardale on 0203 058 2020 or