The Conversation 2018 – “a triumph!” 20th December 2018

“ a triumph,’ …’quite amazing – I was so proud to be involved as everything about it from the set to the setting was so extraordinary.’

Dame Emma Thompson

Our ‘Conversation’ event this year was an amazing, immersive, moving and enlightening evening of shared food, drink and human connection. We shared stories about the work we do and the lives of the survivors we work with. All who attended really engaged with our clients stories, which was so heart-warming. Here are some of the highlights of this jam-packed event:

Our ever-sparkling President, Dame Emma Thompson, hosted the evening with compassion and charisma.

The captivating National Youth Theatre performed, depicting stories and happy memories from our clients’ pasts.

The moving tale of a client’s journey, was read out by the formidable Colin Firth, our special guest for the evening. All of this, over a shared meal with friends and supporters of the foundation.

Helen Bamber staff Prof. Cornelius Katona (Medical and Research Director), Kat Hacker  (Head of Legal Protection) and Dr Francesca Brady (Co-Head of Therapies) shared stories of the challenging, compassionate and highly specialised work they do with survivors of human cruelty.

One of the most moving moments of the evening was when some of our brave clients shared their stories and experiences – they were met with a resounding standing ovation.

We also heard profound and thoughtful words from Bruno Wang, from the Pureland Foundation, our generous sponsor. As well as an extra special donation of original artwork by Anish Kapoor who created the stunning, ‘Glow for Helen Bamber’.

This silent auction is still open to donations. To own your own limited edition Anish Kapoor print, contact us on 020 3058 2020 or

Following words from our CEO, Kerry Smith, our beloved refugee choir, Woven Gold, finished off the evening with a rollicking performance.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the Pureland Foundation, for sponsoring this event.