Our President, Emma Thompson to present BBC Radio 4 Appeal 12th May 2017

Emma Thompson will be presenting a charity appeal on behalf of the Helen Bamber Foundation on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 18th June at 7:55am and again at 9:26pm.

The appeal will showcase the vital work of our Mother and Baby Group. Motherhood is a challenging time for any new parent, but the challenges can seem insurmountable for a mother who has survived some of humanity’s worst atrocities. Many new and expectant refugee mothers struggle to overcome the traumas of their past, while in dire welfare and housing conditions, and completely alone in a new and often unwelcoming world.

The Helen Bamber Foundation’s Mother and Baby Group understands the complex challenges that refugee mothers face. Each week, mothers are provided specialist therapy, practical ante-natal and post-natal support, yoga, English classes, expert welfare support, as well as families benefit from the friendships and support of other mums who have survived human cruelty. The practical and emotional support of the Mother and Baby Group ensures survivors are able to overcome the traumas of the past, while becoming confident parents who are able to provide a healthy future for their children.

Tune in on Sunday 18 June at 7:55am to hear more about the vital support of our Mother and Baby Group and please share your friends and family.

You can listen to the appeal online or on the radio at FM 92-93 / FM 103-105




If you are unable to tune in on 18 June, you can still make a donation here.