Happy Women Together – Walking Challenge 17th January 2019

It has long been known that there are many benefits to outdoor and adventure activities for both physical and mental health. However, the survivors we work with don’t always have opportunities to get out to the countryside and may not have the appropriate gear to safely take on long or mountainous walks.

This year, we are supporting a group of women, survivors of human cruelty, to take part in training walks over the course of 2019, gradually leading up to climbing the three highest peaks in the UK, in the late summer . This group promises to have a huge impact on these women’s lives, improving confidence, leadership and outdoor skills and reducing loneliness and isolation.

The group has a funding page to help purchasing appropriate outdoors gear for the women (walking boots, rucksacks, waterproofs, water bottles etc.) as well as the necessary transport and accommodation for the practice walks and final challenge.

Please support them here.

We look forward to updating you with the women’s progress over the course of the year!