Journey The Hague

Journey at The Hague - Helen Bamber Foundation

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands tours Journey with Emma Thompson & Helen Bamber OBE. Photo: HBF

The arrival of Journey in The Hague, Netherlands coincided with the ten-year anniversary of The Dutch Office of the National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings. Emma Thompson, Helen Bamber OBE, Dr Michael Korzinski and Foundation staff curated Journey in The Hague’s central Plein for 10 days in October 2010, and received approximately 8,000 visitors including Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, EU delegates and ministers, and Dutch policy-makers.

Journey galvanized members the local public into action, receiving visits from Universities and local high schools in unprecedented numbers. Helen Bamber Foundation outreach staff were surprised by the high level of awareness among visitors, and engaged in interesting political and philosophical discussions.

Working with National Rapporteur Corrinne Dettmeijer, Journey dominated the local landscape. Because of its status as a political, legal and human rights capital, The Hague is ideal for giving the issues raised in Helen Bamber Foundation’s exhibition a worldwide platform.

The exhibition was supported by Quiet Storm, BRNM, and the Municipality of The Hague, and generously funded by the Adessium Foundation.

‘As a police officer specialising in the fight against trafficking in human beings, I really appreciate ‘Journey’. An excellent way of raising awareness among the public. Thank you.’
– visitor to the Journey exhibition, The Hague