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Journey Madrid


‘Journey’ exhibition in Parque de Retiro, Madrid.

On behalf of the Ministry of Equality (Ministerio de Igualdad), Spain’s Minister of Equality Bibiana Aldo invited Emma Thompson and Helen Bamber Foundation to exhibit Journey at Parque del Retiro, central Madrid, in December 2010.

The provocative installation was an important cultural fixture in the Spanish government’s campaign calendar. Madrid formed a major stop on our ongoing world tour against human trafficking.

The installation was generously hosted by the Spanish ministry of Equality, with support from Accem, APRAMP, Médicos del Mundo, Proyecto Esperanza, and International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

‘I liked Journey because it has placed its emphasis on the emotions and feelings of people living in situations like these. It also makes us reflect on how any of us would be able to live through such situations.’
– Visitor to the Journey exhibition, Madrid