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Journey London


At the invitation of the Mayor of London, Journey exhibited in Trafalgar Square in September 2007. It became the first of many prominent Journey locations around the world.

The installation was viewed by 11,850 visitors in just 8 days. 68% of visitors declared an interest in taking action against trafficking. This clear sentiment carried particular weight in our conversations with high profile visitors to the Journey exhibition including then-Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, current Prime Minister David Cameron, and MPs Tessa Jowell and Jacqui Smith.

5,525 visitors signed our petition calling on the UK to ratify the Council of Europe convention on action against the trafficking of human beings (ECAT), which was subsequently adopted in December 2008.

‘It’s overwhelming and will take time to sink in but it needs to be said, and we need to be confronted by the shocking reality in our country that people want to ignore.’
– Visitor to the Journey exhibition, London.