How we work

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We advocate on behalf of people whose voices are ignored, on issues critical to their wellbeing.Read more about Advocacy
We educate the public, policy makers and future generations about the risks of pursuing policies that ignore human rights.Read more about Education
We gather clinical evidence and act as expert witnesses to help immigration courts make better informed decisions. Read more about Legal Protection
We address clients’ severe and wide-ranging health issues with the help of expert clinical volunteers.Read more about Healthcare
We use a range of therapies to help our clients work through their trauma. Read more about Rehab therapies
We re-establish fundamental connections, boundaries and self-management strategies. Read more about Body-Mind
We break isolation and spark creativity in friendly groups and classes.Read more about Social wellbeing

Our work with thousands of survivors has taught us to appreciate the differences as well as recognize the similarities in human responses to catastrophic violence and loss. What works for one person may not work for another. We are flexible and adapt our approach according to the needs of each individual.

Our hub illustrates not only areas of service delivery but a philosophy of care. It is a map that all members of our team holds in his or her mind when assessing a client. It helps us to plan our approach and prioritise our interventions.