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Film Group

Film Group editing in action, Helen Bamber Foundation.

Film Group editing in action

The basic idea of the Film Club is no different to any of the other groups, namely to give members a chance to learn something new and creative which has nothing to do with the hardships of their everyday lives. They learn to handle a camera, understand sound and lighting, how to work out the structure for a film, and finally, how to edit it. Anyone can go off and film something, but editing it into a proper film with a good story – start, middle and end, and perhaps some music and narration added – is quite a different matter.

The films we make are short and on a variety of subjects: an interview with Helen Bamber on her life and work, a visit from a client and her baby, a humorous advertisement for a Bissel carpet-cleaner, a film in St Paul’s Cathedral, an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. At least as important as the film-making is the social aspect of the Club. We have become friends, and we meet to exchange news about our week, and have some fun.