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Arts and Crafts


We are a friendly group working on a variety of projects, making things that are both practical and artistic. We began in January 2011 so the group is still fairly new, but we have already been busy with a range of tasks including: glass painting, sewing, knitting, card making, making decorative boxes, and working with wire and paper-mache to create pots and earring holders. We have also painted ceramic pots which we then planted with herbs and are now awaiting their growth! Group members can take home their crafts and we hope in the future to run a stall where we can sell some of our creations.

The social aspect of the group is fundamental, and we often enjoy having a good chat with tea and snacks.

“I love this class and doing lots of different things. We make colourful, beautiful and useful things. It’s very interesting to make things with your hands”
Client A.