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Last year, Ammar was kept in a cold cell for six months and tortured because he had spoken against the Syrian Government.* He was electrocuted, hung upside down, and beaten so badly that he can no longer walk properly. Eventually, he escaped. He left Syria out of desperation when the military tried to kill his family. Together with his wife and children, he walked until they ran out of food and water. His children fell sick. He was separated from his family as they looked for safety.

When Ammar claimed asylum in the UK, he was detained by the immigration authorities. He is still waiting to be recognised as a refugee. He has nightmares every night. Ammar needs long-term help to deal with his psychological distress. The scars resulting from his torture need to be documented so that he can prove he was tortured. He needs to be reunited with his family.

This is our work.

Through therapy, legal protection and preventing destitution, the Helen Bamber Foundation provides immediate and long-term care to refugees and asylum seekers coming to the UK.

Support us to continue this vital work in the UK. Please donate now.

Finding support for our work with asylum seekers has always been difficult. We turn to you, our closest friends, to request your help at this time, when it is needed more than ever.

There are many people like Ammar escaping persecution. Time after time, we bear witness to the long term physical and psychological suffering of victims after atrocity. The Helen Bamber Foundation enables people to find the resilience to survive.

Please support us to provide care to those who are seeking refuge in the UK. Donate now.

“It is about the suffering of refugees. It is about the stranger to whom we owe nothing. It is how our society will be judged and how we discover our humanity.” Helen Bamber OBE

*Ammar’s name and some details have been changed for his safety.

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