About us

Founded in 2005 by Helen Bamber OBE (1925-2014), the Helen Bamber Foundation is a pioneering Human Rights charity supporting refugees and asylum seekers who are the survivors of extreme human cruelty. The people we work with have been subjected to atrocities including state-sponsored torture, human trafficking, religious and political persecution, forced labour, sexual exploitation, gender-based and ‘honour-based’ violence.

We are dedicated to ensuring that the people we support are free and healthy (both physically and mentally), are safe, are protected from re-victimisation, detention and poverty, and have the ability and agency to integrate in and contribute to the communities around them.

How we work

We recognise the complexity and uniqueness of each survivors’ suffering and needs. For every individual we craft a bespoke care plan that enables positive recovery, protection and integration. The goal of our work is to build a lasting and sustained recovery for each of our clients.

Stage 1 – Stabilisation

Helping survivors to manage their acute symptoms such as flashbacks, low mood and anxiety; as well as associated circumstances such as destitution or legal adversity that impact on mental health.

Stage 2 – Intervention

Supporting people to come to terms with the traumatic experiences they have suffered.

Stage 3 – Integration

Helping clients belong in their community and pursue independent and fulfilling lives.

Services we deliver

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